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Membership in the Association includes those persons or businesses associated with the bail bonding industry who express a desire to help promote professionalism within the industry and who are approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

KBAA recognizes four types of membership and membership is not transferable: (1) Voting members, (2) Non-Voting members, (3) Associate members, and (4) Honorary members. All members shall adhere to the KBAA Code of Ethics.

  1. PROFESSIONAL BAIL AGENT MEMBERSHIP NON-VOTING: NO fee, as residents of Kansas, for participation in Continuing Education Classes, given by KBAA. This Membership is entitled to attend meetings, functions and sit on committees.
  2. PROFESSIONAL BAIL AGENT MEMBERSHIP VOTING: Fee - $200 All Professional Bail Agents – Property or Surety – This is a Voting Membership – each member is entitled to one vote and all other privileges provided by the KBAA.
  3. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Fee - $100 Anyone wanting to further the Bail Bond Profession – Individual or Company NOT in the bail bonding business – Affiliate business such as Attorneys, Fugitive Recovery Agents, Out of State Professional Bail agents, etc. This is a NON – Voting Membership but is entitled to attend meetings, functions and sit on committees.
  4. CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP: Fee – Minimum $500 All Companies engaged in activities to support Professional Bail Agents such as Professional Insurance Companies.  This is a NON-Voting Membership.


Thank You for your interest please download and fill out form below and you can mail it and a check.

Click Here to Download 2021 KBAA Membership application

Mail to:

Dennis Berndt
301 W. Ash Salina
Salina, KS 67401

include your filled out form and membership payment in a check made out to Kansas Bail Agents Association.